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...and so the children declare in their Once Upon a Summer musical. as they get over their fear of attending summer camp and having to make new friends, they realize there will be no one to tell them to 'close the refrigerator door'; pick up their dirty clothes; no more piano lessons; no more late night soccer tournaments - freedom! we, BIG people, wish to reclaim the same.

it used to be taking the 2 o'clock from penn east on a friday afternoon; a quick stop to stock-up on supplies for the sail to block island; casting-off; and...then the world would cease to exist accept at that particular moment. with a cool cocktail in hand, we could catch-up on the weeks activities or read the novel from under the new york times or just rest to the sway of the vessel. all was good...until 5 or 6 o'clock sunday afternoon and the dreaded haul back to the city.

these days, we reclaim our freedom at TheBarn by going outside...we open all the windows and sliding glass doors; refresh the planters with tropical imports to carry the season; cut vase arrangements from our terrain; and add a touch of green and blue to summer's white. then a gentle breeze from the harbor is all that is needed to put our hurried schedules behind.

we enjoy mixing patterns of a singular theme with simple whites and a base of wood and pewter to serve our latest dish from 'HOMEMADE' - zucchini fritters with a basil/parmesan cream cheese sauce. we fluff up the porch with bold navy patterns and 

leafy green cushions. and for a personal touch, accessorize with an enameled buckle and hand-stitched italian leather handbag.

being relaxed and comfortable enables the probability to make new friends and create opportunities from chance meetings. look to www.thebarnus.com for elements to express your freedom from the rush and ... go outside.

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