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...new year '15


now that the stockings and ornaments are put away...we can reclaim our homes.  sweep up the needles and place fuzzy stag horn ferns about for that green effect.  leave the cashmere or baby alpaca throws aloft on the sofa or lounge chair for late night reads by the fire.  and stock up on your favorite genre of novellas - i am current currently on a Henry VIII kick with having finished Wolf Hall, Bringing Up The Bodies, The Other Bolen Girl and currently on The Queen's Gambit...then awaiting the third installment on Thomas Cromwell.

this, the turn of winter is a quiet moment in our schedules that allow us to create our wish list for resurfacing the clapboard or contemplate a spring paint job or replace exterior lighting fixtures.  looks to recycle last year's summer digs; donate out-sized apparel; and consider a chili party for the hood.  now is a golden opportunity to re-establish friendships and make for small gatherings - try a sunday afternoon over brunch with proseco and a 'long leek pie' from HOMEMADE or a lobster mac n'cheese from Harvest to Heat with a bordeaux.

lots of re's...but however you spend this month, always enjoy your down time.  for as the buds of witch hazel, forsythia, and jasmine start to sneak in...there will never be enough time to 're'-claim ourselves.

copious rest...thebarnus.com

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