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packing to drop anchor on Block Island for our last voyage of the summer is always a dilemma.  it used to be much easier when the kids were very young - a bunch of towels, baby sunscreen, floaties, and a few boxes of cheerios.  and oh...don't forget the bucket and shovels.  now that the children are much older, they have their own opinion and agenda for travel...and maybe it's less stuff but all the more specific.

so from TheBarn, we gather the recycled floor mats for the sandy beach; durable Sunbrella fabric and leather cushions to lounge on; and the 'just add oysters' kit with a satchel of oysters and a bucket of ice and ginger beer to complement; lastly, tequila lime cocktail sauce - also amazing in meatloaf.  neat thing about the 'just add oysters' story is it was created by a husband and wife duo from the east end.  they are part of an effort to reestablish the oyster beds on long island that for centuries have been essential to the new york down-state economy - a great reference and interesting read is 'The Big Oyster'.

even though we are not huge oyster-eaters, we are willing to step out of our 'comfort zone' and 'bring a little theatre into' our lives.  i don't think any of us have ever shucked an oyster but papa did, quite easily.  and momma loved them and would make us fried oysters with grits and hush puppies and a tall pitcher of sweetened ice tea.  so, we'll let you know the outcome of our play...

go to www.thebarnus.com for additional summer must-haves and remember...the sailing season continues into october for more adventures.



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